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Personal Injury Attorneys in McAllen

CBS 4 News published a horrific story about a young adult driver who caused a fatal auto accident in McAllen on Monday. First and foremost, our hearts and prayers go out to the victims family members. The report goes on to state that 22 years old David Garcia was driving under the influence when the car crash occurred. Personal Injury Attorneys in McAllen have been watching this story unfold as it brings to light issues surrounding wrongful death claims.

Two innocent people lost their lives on Monday. They didn’t have to. Alma Rodriguez was 52, Patricia Vargas was just 2 years old. Tragic events like this need to stop. According to the CDC 29 people die every day due to car crashes caused by drunk drivers. This madness will only end when we can enforce enough harsh penalties to detour people from driving drunk. McAllen Personal Injury Attorney Humberto Tijerina wants every car crash injury victim to know that we will FIGHT for your rights.

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney to Settle an Injury Claim 

Hiring a personal injury attorney to settle an injury claim may be necessary. After an accident injury most people are left scrambling to cover their medical expenses. Most injury victims are shocked when their insurance claims are denied. See, insurance firms scrutinize injury claims because they don’t want to pay out money. It sounds crazy right? We pay for insurance so that when something unexpected happens we have a “financial safety net” to catch us. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

You need to remember that insurance companies are financial institutions. They take the money we pay them for our policies and they invest that money to make more money. So in some ways, an insurance company is like a bank. However, when we send our insurance companies a claim asking for them to pay thousands to hundreds of thousands in injury expenses, they RUN for the hills. This is why hiring a McAllen Personal Injury Lawyer like Mr. Tijerina may be a good idea after an accident.

Getting Paid after a Car Crash Injury 

Accident injuries are no fun. First off, you end up spending time in the hospital. After you’re released you may have months of physical therapy. Second, when you’re too hurt to work you end up in debt. In addition to these annoyances, most injury victims have to deal with added stress and anxiety. If you need help getting paid after a car crash injury call us now. For over 18 years the Tijerina Legal Group has helped thousands of injury victims manage their claims.

Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit After a Fatal Car Crash 

The tragic event that occurred right here in McAllen on Monday has made a lot of people question drunk driving laws. Too many people lose their lives every day because of the stupidity of others. Those who drive drunk or impaired are selfish. They fail to put the safety of others before their own vial needs of self destruction. If you and your family need help filing a wrongful death lawsuit after a fatal car crash call us now, We will meet with you and your family privately to discuss your options.

After a fatal car crash, or any fatal injury accident for that matter, you need to think about the victims children and immediate family. While you’re grieving, our McAllen Personal Injury Attorneys will fight to preserve and protect the financial future of your loved ones children and family members. A victim who loses their life too early doesn’t want their loved ones to financially suffer. We can help. Call our law firm now to schedule a free consultation with Mr. Tijerina.

Best Personal Injury Attorneys in McAllen 

If you’re trying to determine who the best personal injury attorneys in McAllen are, stop. There’s really no such thing as the “best” attorney. However, what is important is to hire the best attorney for you and your family. This means retaining an injury lawyer that you trust and have confidence in. Mr. Tijerina has practiced injury law for over 18 years. Our law firm has won MILLIONS of dollars for accident injury victims. Humberto has a PERFECT 10 out of 10 AVVO rating and has won countless legal awards.

We have offices in McAllen and Brownsville, and we service the entire Rio Grande Valley. If you’ve been injured in a car crash, trucking accident, or a slip & fall incident please call us now. Our law firm is fully bilingual and all of our team members speak Spanish and English. Call us today to set up a free personal injury consultation.