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My name is Humberto Tijerina, and before we go any further, I want to personally thank you for viewing my website. Most likely you have fallen victim to an injury, and like the majority of my clients, you are in desperate need of financial assistance to recoup what you have lost do to pain and suffering. After an accident you may not be able to work. However, your living expenses are not placed on hold, and your bills can pile up quickly. Injuries do to someone else’s negligence cost you much more than lost wages. The physical and mental pain you go through, your inability to take care of your family and children, even the simple things you do daily are effected. Most people believe that after a car crash or any injury for that matter, that the insurance company representing the party at fault will cover the expenses. Yet, time and time again victims are railroaded by big insurance firms, with powerful attorneys protecting their exposure. That is where I come in. I FIGHT for my clients, I go UP AGAINST those “powerful” attorneys. For over a decade I have successful collected MILLIONS for my clients. Through dedication, tenacity, and the true desire to win I deliver results for my clients. For me, Personal Injury representation is a PASSION. Fighting for your financial rights after an injury is not my job, it is my chosen path in life, I WILL FIGHT for YOU.

Why Choose Humberto Tijeria as your Personal Injury Attorney

You have a lot of options when determining you to hire for your car accident claim or injury case. Check below to to find out why so many injury victims in McAllen ad Brownsville have turned to Tijerina for their Personal Injury case.

Decorated Injury Trial Attorney

Insurance Companies will try almost anything to lesson their financial exposure. Humberto Tijerina is a tenured and trial hardened litigator, he puts pressure on Insurance Companies and isn’t afraid to take them to court if need be.

Glowing Injury Victim Client Testimonials

Mr. Tijerina truly cares for his clients. He doesn’t take days off, his work is his life, and it shows. From Google to Yelp, his clients have become is biggest supporters. With Millions of Dollars collected for his injury victims it’s clear why clients voice their appreciation.

Award Winning Personal Injury Lawyer

Humberto Tijerina has won countless awards, and in 2018 was recognized as the Best in Business. Dedicated, determination, and driven to win are all phrases that describe Mr. Tijerina and the effort that he puts into every injury case.

National Honored Injury Attorney

It is one thing to win local awards and to gain “small town” praise. It’s another thing to be recognized and awarded as one of the TOP TEN Personal Injury Attorneys in the entire United States. However, for Humberto this is a reality. From Car Accidents to Wrongful Death cases, Mr. Tijerina will FIGHT to get you the MAXIMUM in financial compensation. Call him today and put your mind at ease.

Tijerina Talks

From Car Accidents to Motorcycle Crashes, and every General Personal Injury type in between, Humberto LOVES to provide FREE information for anyone who needs assistance with an injury claim. Check in often for “Tijeria Talks Personal Injury” and learn all about how you can protect your financial rights after an injury.

Car Accident & Vehicle Crashes


Tijerina Talks will shed light on how to file a claim and what to do after a vehicle accident


Motorcycle claims information for riders and passengers


Learn about your rights after a truck accident or an 18-Wheeler crash


Find out how you can get an estimate of your car accident injury case value and options to get a rental car

Personal Injury & Death Claims


Tijerina Talks about Wrongful Death and how to financial protect children and families after the loss of a primary wage earner


Learn about what a McAllen Personal Injury Lawyer can do for you after an injury to give you the best chance of a positive financial settlement


Find out how you can overturn a denied death benefits claim


Tijerina talks about complex injury claims and wrongful death litigation

Humberto Tijerina

I know how stressful an injury can be. Many personal injury lawyers promise the world. I however do everything in my power to deliver. Don’t take my word for it, click on the Google reviews below to read what my clients have to say about my work ethic, dedicated, and most of all my drive to get you the results you DESERVE. 

Humberto  Tijerina McAllen Injury Lawyer

Highly decorated and winner of numerous personal injury attorney awards


Over 18 years of success winning injury cases


Millions of dollars awarded to his injury clients


AVVO rated personal injury lawyer


Winner of The Top Ten National Personal Injury Attorney award


Winner of the Best Three in Business Injury award


Bilingual injury lawyer with offices in McAllen and Brownsville

Tijerina Top Features

Get an Estimate

For free we can try and calculate an estimated cash value of your injury claim. 

Get a rental car

We might even be able to get you a free rental care while your vehicle is being repaired. We also fight to get the cost of the repairs covered as well.


one on one meeting with humberto

Unlike other injury attorneys, I PERSONALLY meet with each client and manage each case. This allows me to ensure the best in client care.

Personal Injury F.A.Q.

Can I get a FREE rental car after an accident?

If your car is in the shop due to someone else's fault, you may be able to get a free rental car. Call our law firm today, we have over 18 years of auto accident injury claim success.

Can I get compensated as rider on the back of a bike?

Yes, if you were riding on the back of a motorcycle and were hit, you are most likely entitled to injury benefits. Call us today for a free McAllen or Brownsville Motorcycle Accident consultation. 

What do I do after a car accident?

The most important thing is your health and well being. This mean the FIRST thing you should do after a car accident or any injury is go to the DOCTOR. Depeneding upon how serious this may mean going to the Emergency Room or calling your Primary Care Physician. The point is that ONLY a licensed health care professional can diagnose you. Sometimes the shock of an accident or crash can lower your pain sensors, so go to the doctor and get checked out. Then, pick up the phone and call our law firm.

How much is my car accident injury claim worth?

Good question. We get this one a lot. There are a couple things that go into this equation. Call us today for a free car accident case estimate.

Can I sue the driver of the truck and the company?

You might be able to file a claim against the trucking company and the driver as well. We need to figure out the degree of negligence involved, and also, dig around to see if there are any extra circumstances such as, but not limited to, the driver being intoxicated past accident issues, improper truck management, or not sleeping enough. The best thing you can do for this question is to call us.

How much money can I win from my injury case?

We have ways of calculating potential injury case values. There are a couple key pieces of information we need to collect from you, we of course offer our estimated for FREE. That is right. If you have been injured in McAllen or Brownsville and would like a RISK FREE, NO COST personal injury or car accident case value estimate, call our law firm today.

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