McAllen Truck Crash Attorney

McAllen Truck Crash Attorney Humberto Tijerina knows how dangerous 18-Wheeler and large vehicle accidents can be. The Monitor, our local McAllen Newspaper, published an update today to the tragic SUV crash that took place last March. According to the report two men have now been charged with murder. Unfortunately, vehicle collisions involving SUV’s, 18-Wheeler’s, and large trucks too often turn fatal. If you, or a loved one, have been hurt in a trucking accident call our law firm right away.

As a McAllen Truck Crash Attorney, Humberto knows how to fight for your financial rights. Trucking accidents are typically more complex than standard car crashes. First off, large trucks cause much more damage than a compact car or sedan. Second, big rigs and 18- wheeler’s are usually owned by big companies. Suing a large corporation after a trucking accident isn’t easy. This is why a McAllen Personal Injury Lawyer like Mr. Tijerina may be your best bet at obtaining a positive settlement.

Who Do I Sue After Being Hurt in a Trucking Accident? 

If you’re asking yourself “who do I sue after being hurt in a trucking accident” we understand the confusion. In a typical auto accident there are two cars involved. It’s usually pretty obvious which driver is at fault, and that driver submits the info to their insurance company. Personal Injury Attorneys get involved, document the medical expenses and other items that need to be covered, and they work toward a financial settlement. However, with trucking accident things tend to get much more complicated.

Just like the tragic story reported by The Monitor, too many trucking accidents end in death. This means a potential wrongful death lawsuit needs to be investigated. Even when the crash doesn’t end in a fatality, trucking wrecks still tend to cause horrific injuries. Long hospital stays, physical therapy and rehab, and a loss of wages from being unable to work can drive claims well over one million dollars. Big corporations who own trucks and large insurance firms don’t just roll over and pay out big claims. That’s why you may need an attorney.

Filing a lawsuit against a trucking company after an accident

During your free consultation with our law firm we will address your concerns. We give potential clients the ability to ask as many questions as they want. Most of the time we sue an insurance company after a crash. However, filing a lawsuit against a trucking company after an accident may also be possible. See, it’s in our clients best interest for us to explore every possible avenue after an injury. We have over 18 years of successful injury litigation experience.

Calculating the cash value of a truck accident injury claim

Another area of concern that pops up when potential clients call us about a truck accident is how much money they will win. First and foremost, no injury attorney can guarantee that you case will settle. We as well can’t promise that we will win in court, and if we do win, we will can’t calculate how much money you will obtain. However, with our 18 plus years of experience and after winning countless large injury cases, we may be able to come up with a hypothetical estimate.

Analyzing your case is the first thing we need to do. In order to do that you need to contact us to schedule a free case review. Call us at (956) 777-7777 now to discuss your injuries with a McAllen Truck Crash Attorney.

Settling a Trucking Accident Injury Claim 

Settling a trucking accident injury claim can take time. Unlike traditional car crashes truck accident cases tend to require more litigation. However, with the Tijerina Legal Group we take care of ALL of your legal expenses. That’s right, we do NOT charge our clients ANY MONEY upfront and we pay for all of the legal expenses out of our pocket. We don’t get paid and we don’t recoup our legal costs unless we win. This means we are financially vested in getting you paid as quickly as possible, and for the full amount we believe you deserve.

Best McAllen Truck Crash Attorney 

If you, or a loved one, are searching for the best McAllen Truck Crash Attorney we urge you to stop. There is no such thing as the best truck crash attorney, or the best personal injury lawyer. What does matter is hiring the right attorney for you and your case. It’s important for you to trust the lawyer you retain. Truck accident injury claims can be complex cases. This means they may take a while to settle, and that in turn means you will be spending a lot of time with an attorney.

Different people have different ways of thinking and different opinions. We believe that the most important thing for an injury victim is to hire an attorney they trust, have confidence in, and that they get along with. This is one of the reasons why we at the Tijerina Legal Group offer a FREE injury consultation. Call us now to schedule a one on one meeting with a McAllen Truck Crash Attorney.

Personal Injury Attorneys who handle trucking accidents in McAllen, TX 

There are a lot of personal injury attorneys who handle trucking accident in McAllen, TX. However, not all of them have the track record of Mr. Tijerina. With a perfect 10 out of 10 AVVO rating and over 50 perfect five-star reviews Mr. Tijeria is clearly a trusted choice for injury victims. Why is that, why do so many injury victims call upon Humberto to be their lawyer? Well, for starters, our law firm is home to the “T-NO FEE GUARANTEE” which means YOU DON’T pay a penny unless you win.

There are so many reasons why clients all over the Rio Grande Valley hire our law firm. However, we don’t believe you should take our word for it. Instead, we encourage you to check out what past and present clients have to say about us. Our clients have become our biggest advocates. If you’ve been hurt in a trucking accident give us a call. We’d be happy to help you with your injury claim.


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