Submit Personal Injury Claim

Submit Personal Injury Claim 

Submit Personal Injury Claim assistance is a phone call away. Assuming everything else goes smooth, you’re almost ready to send your demand to the insurance company.  By now you should have a complete picture of your injuries and you’ve made a full recovery.  If you haven’t made a full recovery and still continue with pain, then a pain specialist or a surgeon should have explained to you what your options are with regards to either managing the pain or opting for some sort of surgery to help remedy the cause of the pain.  You will have to contact each one of your medical providers and request a copy of the bill and records.  When you receive them, review them to make sure that they are correct.  Doctors can make mistakes also and it’s up to you to be on the lookout for any corrections on the medical records.  Once you’ve gathered all the medicals, you can move on to the next and final step.

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Once you’ve gathered all the medicals and confirmed that they are accurate, it’s time to draft up a demand that you will send the insurance agent you opened up the claim with.  WARNING:  At this point, it’s important to share with you that there may be other insurance policies that exists, which you may not be aware of.  The company that crashes into you, could be a company vehicle, or driven by an employee during work hours, which would be facts that could greatly increase the value of your case.  These quick steps are NOT a substitute for having a lawyer help you with your claim.  In fact, we reiterate that we highly DON’T recommend you handle your own case because there are so many things that could be done to hurt your case.  Handling your own case, would be like taking an engine apart and putting it back together.  If you miss one small bolt, you could ruin the whole engine.  Same thing for your case.

In this final step, you take all the medical records and bills, and include a demand, where you justify to the insurance company why it is that you will demand a sum of money to compensate you and your family for the injuries, pain and suffering, loss of work and many other claims that are available for you to file.  After they receive your demand, the should reach out to you to begin negotiating your claim.

The truth is, that negotiation of your car crash claim will vary, depending on many factors, such as:  How hard was the car crash? Did you receive medical treatment right away or did you delay your medical treatment?   What insurance company are you dealing with?  Was the other person driving drunk?  Was it a company vehicle?  And the list continues.  The other hard truth is that even seasoned and successful lawyers will not be able to negotiate many of the claims and it is necessary to file a lawsuit.  Especially against the company that has a legal strategy called “deny, delay, defend!”.

These are all strong reasons why we advise against you handling your own car crash claim.  Instead, let us worry about this and help you with your claim.  With our experience, we can guide you through the pitfalls of making a car accident claim and if needed file suit on your behalf to get you a fair recovery on your claim.

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Many clients call our law firm, stressed out and full of anxiety, because they are hurt and cannot work. After an auto accident you may not only be too injured to do your job, but you may also need a rental car. So many questions arise, from who pays for the rental car to who covers your medical expenses. As a Top Rated McAllen Car Accident Attorney Humberto Tijerina meets with EACH client one on one. He is a passionate Personal Injury Lawyer. With offices in McAllen and Brownsville, Humberto services all of The Rio Grande Valley.

If you have been recently injured in a car crash or auto accident, please contact our law firm today. We have won countless awards and have obtained millions of dollars for our injury clients. Help is a phone call away. Don’t wait, call SEVEN today. That is (956) 777-7777 for a FREE car accident or personal injury case evaluation.

Submit Personal Injury Claim 

Submit Personal Injury Claim

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