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Out of all the areas of law Personal Injury is perhaps the one that effects so many people who are NOT involved directly in the case the most. Think about it for a minute, if you are the main wage earner for your family, and a car accident or slip and fall injury has sidelined you from working, who pays for your house hold expenses? Food for your kids, your living expenses, just keeping the lights on. That is all on top of your medical bills and auto repair bills. When you or a loved one are hurt turn to a McAllen Personal Injury Attorney to protect your financial position and settle your claim quickly.

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Award Winning McAllen Personal Injury Attorney

Leading Insurance Agencies publish their yearly profits. As publicly traded companies, they are required by law to be transparent to their shareholders. So we always encourage clients to remember that the insurance company who represents the party at fault is really a financial institution, and as such they will FIGHT to keep their money. At the end of the day, for them, it is just business and you are a number in their way of pumping out profits to their investors. They pay BIG TIME lawyers to fight your claim. This is why hiring an Award Winning McAllen Personal Injury Attorney to FIGHT for YOUR rights may be your best bet.

From automobile accidents and motorcycle crashes to wrongful death claims and complex injury litigation, Humberto Tijerina has done it all. With over 18 years of injury litigation experience on his side and millions of dollars awarded to victims under his belt, Humberto KNOWS Personal Injury case management inside and out. He has been awarded and recognized as a TOP TEN Personal Injury Attorney for the whole United States and has won the Three Best in Business Award as well for his injury advocacy. Call today for a free McAllen Personal Injury Consultation.

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Personal Injury Attorneys in McAllen, TX

McAllen is the one of the largest metropolitan cities in Texas. In fact, it’s the fifth most populated area in Texas and the largest city in Hidalgo County, which means we have lots of citizens and lots of traffic. Over the last decade many new businesses have sprouted up all over McAllen, and with the rise in work opportunities, many families have flocked to our town to raise their children and make a living. Traffic accidents are the number one type of injury claim submitted, but they are not the only type of injury case that hits the desk of insurance adjusters. There are a lot of Personal Injury Attorneys in McAllen, TX. Finding the one who is best for you and your claim requires lots of research. This is why Humber Tijerina offers FREE McAllen Personal Injury Consultations. Call today to schedule your meeting. 

During your free injury consultation, Mr. Tijerina encourages you to ask as many questions as you want. After a personal injury has occurred, many clients are left feeling vulnerable and full of anxiety. Stresses about bills and finances cause all sorts of issues at home. This page not only provides information about general personal injury, but it also helps clients locate additional data about specific injury topics. Humberto LOVES to provide free information to his clients, this is why he publishes “Tijerina Talks” where he speaks about issues stemming from common car accident claims to complex wrongful death litigation cases. Click on the options and read about specific injury issues relating to your personal injury case. Or, if you would like to speak directly to Mr. Tijerina, simply call us at (956) 777-7777. Call NOW for a FREE Personal Injury Consultation.


McAllen Personal Injury Attorney Reviews

After an auto accident, slip and fall, or a fatality due to someone else’s negligence, you may feel overwhelmed on who to turn to. It makes sense, with so many television and social media advertisements airing lawyers who all claim to care about you and your case, how do you know who to choose for your injury claim? The truth is, you don’t. Mr. Tijerina knows that as well, he knows that unfortunelty marketing is a part of any business, including Personal Injury. However, above all else, Humberto believes in ethics and doing the right thing. This is why he wants every client to perform their own due diligence on who to hire for their injury claim.

One great way to start this process is by reading online reviews. From Google to Yelp, you can easily find testimonials from past injury clients. Much like yourself, they once found themsevles needing an injury advocate to fight for their financial rights. Reading these reviews may help you figure out which McAllen Injury Law Firm is best suited for your needs. In Addition to traditional review boards, you can also check out Attorney Review Directories such as AVVO and the Texas State Bar. Third, search for awards that the lawyer may have won. Lastly, get a FREE injury consultation and ask the attorney lots of questions about your case.

Do I Need to Hire a McAllen Personal Injury Lawyer?

The honest answer is “no”, you do not “need” to hire a personal injury lawyer. However, the truth is that you probably should hire one. See, after an accident, the party you is at fault submits their claim to their insurance company. The insurance firm takes down the information and then investigates the case, one YOU submit YOUR claim to your insurance agency. Here is where it can get a bit “dicey”. Insurance companies make money by collecting monthly payments and investing that money. They LOSE money when they have to pay out injury claims. When the settlement appears to be somewhat high, the insurance adjuster or underwriter might recommended bringing in their own legal counsel to try and FIGHT YOUR CLAIM.

Basically, Insurance Agencies are billion, of not trillion dollar financial firms. They have enough money where they can higher the best of the best legal representation to protect their financial interests. this means they spend a lot of money to make sure they win and you lose. A Personal Injury Lawyer in McAllen like Humberto Tijerina is on the opposite side of the coin. He FIGHTS for YOU against these types of insurance attorneys to make sure you get paid the MAXIMUM amount of financial compensation you deserve. Call today for a FREE injury consultation. 

Submit a personal injury claim in McAllen, TX

Are you looking to submit your personal injury claim? Well before you send it in you might want a Personal Injury Lawyer to review it. There is a difference between a standard car accident claim and a slip and fall case, other issues may arise as well. Call Humberto Tijerina today for a FREE case evaluation.

How much is my personal injury case worth?

Tijerina talks about claim values all of the time on his Tierjina Talks Personal Injury blogs and video casts. Our law firm may be able to help analyze your personal injury  case and thus provide an estimated value of your claim. We do all of this for free.

Get my bills paid after a personal injury

If a personal injury has left you unable to work, your bills will pile up fast. Your mortgage or rent will not pay itself. Food, expenses for your kids, and your house hold bills cannot be paused just because you are hurt. So how can you get paid when you are too hurt to work? Well, for starters call Tijerina Legal Group. Our Law Firm will fight to protect your financial rights after an injury of any kind.

How to file a wrongful death claim after an injury

Some injuries end in a fatality. These are tragic, and when one of these strikes you and your family, you may feel sad and angry all at the same time. Mr. Tijerina understands these types of delicate situations. He will fight to try and get a large enough Wrongful Death settlement to not only cover final costs, but to also help provide for the family of the departed.

What if the person or business at fault has no insurance?

These are tricky types of cases. WE have success handling these, and we need to move quickly to help protect your financial liability when the party at fault has no insurance. Call us today for a free consultation. 

Who is the BEST Personal Injury Attorney in McAllen?

Well, for starters, there is no such thing as the best lawyer. What is highly recommended is trying to find the personal injury lawyer who is BEST for you and your case. From Google and Yelp to Birdeye, Tijerina has TONS of FIVE STAR reviews. He has also won numerous awards and is recognized as a TOP TEN Personal Injury Attorney in the COUNTRY. Yes, not just in McAllen but in the entire United States.

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