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From Weekend Warriors to the Daily Rider, it is NOT a question of IF you will go down on your bike, but WHEN you will end up in an accident. Unfortunately, the statics prove this statement is bluntly true. In an auto accident, the car actually absorbs most of the initial impact. Science proves this. Motorcycles however lack the frame that cars do, thus the rider absorbs the force. If you or a love one have been injured or killed due to a motorcycle crash call Humberto Tijerina NOW. As an avid McAllen Motorcycle Accident Attorney Tijerina is passionate about protecting the rights of riders, their passengers, and their FAMILIES. 

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Nothing is more relaxing than hitting the open road on your Harley or your Ducati. Perhaps you are a throw back and love to stretch out on your custom chopper. Texas is home to some of the largest groups of riders. From lawyers who love to throw on their leather as a weekend warrior, to the ride or die men and women who live on their bikes, nothing screams FREEDOM more than hopping on your bike and hitting the pavement. Unfortunately, accidents WILL happen. Every rider knows this. Sooner than later their number WILL get CALLED. When your time is up, you NEED a trusted and tenured bike accident lawyer on YOUR side. Tijerina is an award winning McAllen Motorcycle Accident Attorney. He was recently recognized as a TOP TEN Injury Lawyer for the entire United States.

If you have fallen victim to a motorcycle crash, or if a loved one has passed after an accident, call our McAllen Motorcycle Accident Law Firm today. From getting your bike repaid and your medical expenses covered. To filling for pain and suffering, or sadly submitting a death claim, we will FIGHT to make sure you and your FAMILY are financially compensated. 












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At Tijerina Legal Group we are PRO Bikers. We love to ride ourselves. Nothing is more exhilarating than the freedom of cruising across Texas without a care in the world. This is why we are so passionate about defending the rights of riders. When a car crash takes place, it is usually pretty black and white who is at fault. However this is not the case when dealing with a motorcycle accident. See, insurance companies LOVE to find ways to “wiggle” out of paying the money they owe after an injury claim is submitted. In auto and truck accidents, while they fight to find a “loop hole”, often it is difficult to find one. YET with BIKE accidents, they have a FIELD DAY with tons of things they can poke out to try and NOT PAY YOU.

From high speeds to splitting lanes, insurance companies bring in high powered lawyers, teams of adjusters, and tenured insurance underwriters ALL to help build a case against YOU. That is right, they will even go as far as hiring so called “expert witnesses” and they will throw out all sorts of scientific data all in an effort to paint you as the party at fault. The do this because more often than not, motorcycle crashes end up causing severe bodily harm, catastrophic injures, and death. This means the financial claims are so high that the issuance company actually SAVES MONEY by hiring teams of experts to FIGHT you instead of paying your claim. Tijerina knows this. So when searching for Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in McAllen, TX make SURE to give Humberto Tijerina a call and talk to him about what he can do to defend your financial rights, get you paid, and back on your bike again.


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Riders need to know that they have options. Too often motorcycle accident claims get brushed aside by lawyers because they present difficult in defending the financial rights of the biker. See, during an auto accident or truck crash the parties involved usually are easily identifiable as the victim and the party at fault. However with motorcycle injury claims this is not always the case. Bikers have special rules they can follow when riding, such as lane sharing and accessing the car pool and HOV lanes. Add in high speeds and small vehicle sizes, all of this creates opportunities for insurance firms to argue against paying your claim. This is why a McAllen Bike Accident Lawyer may be your best riding partner after a crash. However, who do you turn to, to take on your case?

A McAllen Motorcycle Accident Attorney like Humberto Tijerina knows how to fight insurance companies and to get them to pay your motorcycle accident injury claim. He encourages you to check out all of his online reviews and client testimonials. From review boards such as AVVO ad Birdeye to Google and Yelp, Tijerina’s injury clients continuously say that he is the best their is. In fact, he won the Top Ten Personal Injury Attorney award for the entire NATION. Call NOW for a FREE motorcycle injury consultation. 

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What can a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in McAllen do for my injury claim?

A McAllen Motorcycle Accident Attorney can become your best riding partner when fighting an insurance company to pay your injury claim. More often than not, bikers are looked down upon and treated poorly when it comes to getting their claim settled and paid. This is because insurance companies try and paint the rider as the party at fault. Think about it, all of the history and media impressions of bikers and riders, all of it ads up to give us the impression that as riders we are the “bad guys” and insurance agencies know this. So, what can you do to protect yourself and your financial interests after a bike wreck? Simple, call a motorcycle rider advocacy law group like Tijerina Legal Group.

Whether it’s getting the funds the repair your custom chopper, to getting your Harley Davidson replaced, Tijerina does it all. He fights to get you paid for your losses your pain and suffering, and has your back to get you on the road again as quickly as possible. For traumatic or fatal bike accidents, Mr. Tijerina also represents the families of victims and fights to get a Wrongful Death Claim paid out. This not only helps cover final costs but also provides financial support for the victims family and children. Call today for a FREE McAllen Motorcycle Accident Injury consultation. 

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