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Most American’s love having a family pet. Of all the animals families cherish, second to none are dogs. Now, most dogs are great family pets. They are loyal, kid friendly, and help protect the family. However, sometimes animals attack. We believe that there is no such thing as a “bad dog” but bad dog OWNERS. Never the less a dog bite or animal attack can leave far more than just physical scars. Mental and emotional stress, fear, anxiety, all of these are life lasting emotions that can stain an individuals psyche after an animal attack. A McAllen Dog Bite Attorney like Humberto Tijerina can help make sure not only are your medical bills covered, but that you are also compensated for your pain and suffering after an attack. Call now for a free McAllen Dog Bite consultation.

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McAllen has significantly expanded over the last decade and a half. More families move in everyday because so many businesses have decided to call McAllen home. Better job opportunities has created a demand for housing, and with new families come an increase in family pets. Now, most dog owners do a very good job of taking care of their pets. In fact, dogs are usually considered a member of the family. Sadly, there are always bad apples, and those dog owners who abuse their pets or do not properly secure their animals can create situations prime for animal attacks. 

A dog bite or dog attack can cause permanent scars, facial damage, even death. Let’s not forget that a dog is a member of the Wolf Family. Canines have razor sharp teeth, large claws, and are capable of taking down a full grown, large sized adult human male. Hence why law enforcement uses certain dog breeds for their own protection. The point is that a dog bite case needs to handled carefully, and none are better at providing client care than Humberto Tijerina. Call today for a consultation. He has collected MILLIONS of dollars for his clients. 

McAllen Dog Bite Attorney

Dog Bite Attorneys in McAllen, TX

Animal attacks and dog bites are some of the most regrettable forms of personal injury. Pet owners and dog lovers are usually amazing people who go above and beyond to take care of their animals. They also are the types of people who put tons of efforts into caring for their pets. The point we are trying to make is that the majority of dog owners do all they can to keep their pets safe and people around their dogs safe as well. However, some owners are horrible and these types of dog owners cause all sorts of issues.

Dogs are not just animals, but descendants of Wolves. Meaning they are meant to hunt and kill prey to survive. This means that deep down, any dog has the ability to snap and turn on its owner. Now, for the most, dogs are truly mans best friend. However when a dog does snap, you need to locate Dog Bite Attorneys in McAllen, TX. A dog bit can cause tons of medical bills and long lasting emotional stress. 


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If you or your child have been attacked by a dog you may be extremely angry. It is one thing for an adult to get attacked, it is another for an innocent child to be bitten. No matter the age of the victim, a dog bit or animal attack can leave life altering physical and mental scars. If you would like to find out which McAllen Dog Bite Attorney to hire you might want to start by reading online reviews.

A dog bite lawyer like Humberto Tijerina represents victims of animal attacks. From Google to Yelp he has received glowing five star reviews from clients just like you, who have been inured due to a dog bite and the negligence of an animal owner. You can also check out review on Law Firm Directory boards like AVVO. Or, if you simply want to talk to Mr. Tijerina he is happy to PERSONALLY take you call. Call at (956) 777-7777 NOW and find out how much your case might be worth.

McAllen Dog Bite Attorney

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