Back Injuries from Car Accident

An auto accident usually takes place at decent speeds. Even if two vehicles are traveling ten miles an hour, based upon how we scientifically calculate force, the impact can be deadly. One of the most common types of car crash related injuries is back pain. Back injuries from Car Accident incidences are extremely common. From spinal cord injuries to severe neck trauma, your back not only connects major muscle groups but is used by the body to stabilize itself. The human body has three major groups of back muscles, the extensor, the flexor, and the oblique muscle groups. Together, they are responsible for the movement and power our backs provide us. During a car crash, the object (in this case the vehicle you are in) is not the only thing in motion. Believe it or not, you too as a passenger are traveling at the same speed. When the car slams into another vehicle or object it creates a whiplash effect, and thus your back can get severely injured.

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How to get compensated for your back injury after a car crash

Back injuries are some of the worst types of injuries sustained from an auto accident. When you break an arm or fracture a leg, while extremely painful in their own right, typically heal after 3 to 4 months. With back injuries, even after physical therapy, most never fully recover. The back is a complex system of muscles and nerves. We utilize our back for just about everything we do, from breathing to eating, moving around, even sitting down at a desk working still activates certain back muscles. If you have sustained a back injury from an auto accident a McAllen Car Accident Attorney may be your best bet in securing compensation for your pain and suffering. Humberto Tijerina is an award-winning Personal Injury Lawyer. With offices in McAllen and Brownsville, he services the entire Rio Grande Valley. If you would like a FREE Car Accident Consultation call Tijerina Legal Group today at (956) 777-7777. We are bilingual and won countless awards for our injury representation.

Broken Back from an Auto Accident in McAllen, TX

A broken back from an auto accident will definitely sideline you from work. According to TO YOUR HEALTH, which is a leading online medical information board, a average back surgery and spin fusion can cost over ONE HUNDRED AD SIXTY NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS. If you add in physical therapy you are close to a quarter of a million dollars. That doesn’t even account the amount of money you lose because you cannot work. A McAllen Car Accident Lawyer like Humberto Tijerina knows how to fight to get you compensated for your back injuries after an auto accident. Call today for a free consultation.

Back Injuries from Car Accident
Submit a car accident injury claim in McAllen, TX

Are you looking to submit your accident injury claim? Well before you send it in you might want a Car Accident Lawyer to review it. There is a difference between property damage and bodily injury claims, other issues may arise as well. Call Humberto Tijerina today for a FREE case evaluation. 

How much is my car accident case worth?

Tijerina talks about claim values all of the time on his Tierjina Talks Personal Injury blogs and video casts. Our law firm may be able to help analyze your car accident case and thus provide an estimated value of your claim. We do all of this for free.

Get a free rental car after a car crash

One of the things Mr. Tijerina really presses for is a FREE rental car. If someone else totaled your vehicle, you still need to get to work and take care of your kids. So getting you back in the drivers seat without you having to pay for it is one of his goals. Call today to find out about how you can get a rental car. 

How to sue if I was a passenger in a car accident

If you were a passenger in a car crash you still have rights and you definitely deserve to be compensated for your pain and suffering. Call our law firm today for a free consultation. 

What happens when multiple cars are involved in a crash?

Multiple cars involved in a car wreck can cause problems with a claim. These types of complex injury cases need to be handled very carefully. Thankfully Humberto Tijerina understands these cases very well. He has been awarded as one of the Top Personal Injury Attorneys in the Nation. Call today. 

Get my bills paid after a car accident

If an auto accident has left you unable to work, your bills will pile up fast. Your mortgage or rent will not pay itself. Food, expenses for your kids, and your house hold bills cannot be paused just because you are hurt. So how can you get paid when you are too hurt to work? Well, for starters call Tijerina Legal Group. Our Law Firm will fight to protect your financial rights after an auto accident.

How to file a wrongful death claim after a car accident

Some auto accidents end in a fatality. These are tragic, and when one of these strikes you and your family, you may feel sad and angry all at the same time. Mr. Tijerina understands these types of delicate situations. He will fight to try and get a large enough Wrongful Death settlement to not only cover final costs, but to also help provide for the family of the departed. 

What if the person who hit me has no insurance?

These are tricky types of cases. WE have success handling these, and we need to move quickly to help protect your financial liability when the party at fault has no insurance. Call us today for a free consultation. 

How can I get my car fixed after a car accident

Your auto repair bills should be covered by the party at fault. Getting an insurance company to cough up money is a whole other story. You don’t want to have to carry the costs and then HOPE that someone will reimburse you. Call us today and let us fight to get your vehicle repaired without having to shill out the money yourself. 

Who is the BEST Car Accident Attorney in McAllen?

Well, for starters, there is no such thing as the best lawyer. What is highly recommended is trying to find the car accident lawyer who is BEST for you and your case. From Google and Yelp to Birdeye, Tijerina has TONS of FIVE STAR reviews. He has also won numerous awards and is recognized as a TOP TEN Personal Injury Attorney in the COUNTRY. Yes, not just in McAllen but in the entire United States.

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