Injury Attorney McAllen TX

If you’re stressing out, searching online for an Injury Attorney McAllen TX consultation, you may have found the firm you need. The Tijerina Legal Group is a tenured, top-rated McAllen Personal Injury Law Firm. For over 18 years, Humberto Tijerina has fought tirelessly for the rights of the injured. As an injury advocate, Mr. Tijerina works hard to protect the financial interest of injury victims throughout the Rio Grande Valley. If you’ve been hurt by someone else’s negligence, an injury attorney may be helpful.

After an accident where injuries are sustained, you may be surprised when your injury claim is denied. It’s scary, but even though we pay for insurance, the policy isn’t always there to protect us. See, insurance firms make money by taking in payments, and they lose money by paying out injury settlements. It’s hard to believe it’s legal because it almost seems like a conflict of interest. Never the less, this is how the insurance game works. A McAllen Personal Injury Lawyer like Mr. Tijerina can help you fight your case.

How to file an Injury Claim in McAllen

After sustaining an injury, you may want to know how to file an injury claim in McAllen. Prior to filing, we urge you to seek medical attention as soon as possible. First and foremost, you need to protect your health and wellbeing. A medical doctor or health professional can determine what injuries you have. Getting a proper check up and diagnoses of your condition will help you with your recoveries. Sometimes symptoms don’t show up right away. If you’ve sustained head trauma, it’s possible that you could have a concussion or brain swelling. The point is this, go to the doctor right way.

Another reason why you want to get a doctor to check out your injuries right after a crash is for documentation needs. Insurance companies love to find loopholes or ways to wiggle out of payments. If you wait too long to see a doctor, the insurance company may have ammunition to claim the injures were not related to the crash or accident. So seeing your doctor or going to the hospital right after an accident is vital for many reasons.

Once you’ve seen a medical professional, and you’re in stable condition, call the Tijerina Legal Group. Mr. Tijerina is an award-winning Car Accident Lawyer. If you’ve been looking online for the term Injury Attorney McAllen TX than look no further than Humber Tijerina. Call us now at (956) 777-7777 for a free injury consultation.

Personal Injury Attorney McAllen TX

Personal Injury Attorney McAllen TX reviews get no better than Humberto Tijerina’s. With a 10 out of 10 perfect AVVO score and hundreds of five-star testimonials from clients, it’s no wonder why so many injury victims choose Mr. T as their lawyer. For over 18 years Humberto has fought hard for injury victims in McAllen and Brownsville. He has won millions of dollars for his clients and most of all, helped them through a very tough time in their life.

Humberto is tenacious, tough, and takes on insurance companies when they try to deny honest injury claims. While Mr. Tijerina is a serious litigator, he is also kind and humble. He believes in wholeness and balance. Humberto will meet with you, and your family, to discuss your case. The Tijerina Legal Group charges NO MONEY upfront and works for FREE until they settle your case. Call us today, we are also a bilingual law firm and our Spanish Speaking Personal Injury Attorneys will help you with your claim.



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