Car Crash Attorneys McAllen TX

If you’re searching the term car crash attorneys McAllen TX than you’ve probably been injured in an auto accident. Look, after any type of injury, it’s normal to wonder what you claim is worth. Medical bills are expensive, and if you’re too hurt to work, your household bills don’t get put on hold. The bank doesn’t care if you are hurt, they want their mortgage payment. Your utilities don’t offer free service, you’ve got to pay your monthly bill. So what can you do when your car is wrecked and you can’t work?

You call a McAllen Personal Injury Attorney. Finding a lawyer who cares about you, your injury claim, and who has a documented track record of success is important. Humberto Tijerina is a top rated McAllen Car Accident Attorney. With over 18 years of experience, millions of dollars won for injury victims, and glowing client reviews, he just might be the car crash lawyer you’ve been looking for. If you would like to discuss your case with Mr. Tijerina, simply call (956) 777-7777. Our consultations are always free.

McAllen Car Crash Attorney 

McAllen Car Crash Attorney Humberto Tijerina loves to offer his “T-No Fee Guarantee”. Very simply put, Mr. Tijerina knows that after a car crash you will have enough stress on your plate. Most people believe that hiring a private personal injury attorney will cost too much money upfront. With Humberto, this is NOT the case. The Tijerina Legal Group charges NO MONEY up front. More importantly, Mr. Tijerina doesn’t get paid unless you get paid, and the money is earned from the settlement, not from your wallet.

If you have questions about an auto accident injury, please give our law firm a phone call right away. First and foremost, The Tijerina Legal Group always advises seeking medical attention after an injury. Even if you don’t show symptoms right away, it doesn’t mean you’re not hurt. You need to get checked out by a doctor. If you don’t link your injuries to the accident, the insurance company may try and use this against you, and it can hurt your claim. Next, call Humberto for a free consultation.

Can a Car Crash Attorney Determine a Value for an Injury Claim? 

While no attorney or law firm can guarantee any type of results, nor can a lawyer calculate an exact dollar amount a claim is worth, it may be possible still to analyze your case. An auto accident attorney, who has experience and understands personal injury law, may be able to come up with an estimate of a potential settlement value. Can a crash attorney determine a value for an injury claim? No one can promise or guarantee your claim will get paid BUT we CAN review an analyze your accident case.

What Car Accident Attorney in McAllen has won the Most Money? 

If you’ve been injured in a car crash, you’re probably freaking out about money. From the cost of getting your car repaired to covering your medical bills, money ads up fast. Some injuries are so severe that it can cause you to miss work. If you’ve got bills coming in, but you cannot work, you may run through your savings quickly. So, if you’ve found yourself wondering what car accident attorney in McAllen has won the most money, we understand the thought perfectly.

Mr. Tijerina is a decorated, top-rated McAllen Personal Injury Attorney. Humberto has won millions of dollars for car accident victims throughout McAllen. Over the last 18 years, the Tijerina Legal Group has helped injury clients throughout the entire Rio Grande Valley. If you would like to talk directly with Mr. Tijerina, please call our law firm now.

Spanish Speaking Car Crash Attorney in McAllen

The Tijerina Legal Group is a bilingual injury law firm in McAllen, TX. If you would like to talk to a Spanish speaking Car Crash Attorney in McAllen please contact our firm. Mr. Tijerina offers a free, extensive car accident injury case review. Humberto will meet with you, and your family, personally. During your consultation, you can ask all the questions you want. It may also be possible for Mr. Tijerina to provide a theoretical estimate of a potential settlement value.

Best Car Crash Attorneys McAllen TX 

First off, there is no such thing as the best lawyer. So, wasting time searching for the best car crash attorneys McAllen TX has to offer won’t do you justice. What does matter, and what is important, is to hire an attorney you trust and feel comfortable with. There are a lot of good attorneys in the Rio Grande Valley. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, and you are trying to determine who to hire, start by doing your homework. Here are a few things you may want to consider doing if you’re seeking the help of an injury attorney in McAllen, TX.

Read Car Crash Attorney Reviews 

We like to advise potential clients to read car crash attorney reviews. There are a plethora of online lawyer review boards, and some of these review sites offer testimonials from clients as well as from other attorneys. This can be helpful because these review boards are supposed to provide verified, real testimonials. Mr. Tijerina has won numerous awards, and from Google to BirdEye he has glowing client reviews. If you would like to speak to Mr. Tijerina please call (956) 777-7777 now.

Ask a lot of Questions to an Injury Attorney 

Another great thing you can do, if you’re trying to pick a lawyer, is to schedule a consultation. Ask a lot of questions to an injury attorney, as this may help you determine if they are a fit for you. Different people have different personalities, and it’s vital to a successful attorney-client relationship to make sure you get along with your lawyer. This is one reason why the Tijerina Legal Group always offers FREE McAllen Personal Injury Attorney consultations. If you’re too hurt to come to us, Humberto will come to you.

Ask Mr. Tijerina a Question about an Auto Accident Case

If you want to ask Mr. Tijerina a question about an Auto Accident Case simply click here. You can also call us directly at (956) 777-7777. The Tijerina Legal Group offers a comprehensive, totally free, car accident case review. Humberto encourages all potential clients to ask lots of questions. Injury victims usually have lots of anxiety, and Mr. Tijerina wants to help lessen your stress after an accident. Here are some questions you may consider asking Humberto during your free consultation:

  1. How much is my injury claim worth?
  2. Can I get a free rental car?
  3. Does it take a long time to settle the case?
  4. Will I have to pay any money upfront for legal services?
  5. Do my medical bills get covered by the party at fault?
  6. Will my insurance go up even if the crash wasn’t my fault?
  7. Can I get money for my personal bills if I am too hurt to work?
  8. How many cases has the attorney won?
  9. Does the attorney have any client reviews or testimonials?
  10. Will I be able to contact my attorney throughout the process?

If you’ve been injured, and you’re asking yourself these questions, please call us now. The Tijerina Legal Group is a bilingual, award-winning McAllen Personal Injury Law Firm. With offices in McAllen and Brownsville, we help injury clients all throughout the Rio Grande Valley. Call (956) 777-7777 to schedule a free injury consultation.

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