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The Monitor, a local McAllen News Agency, reported a story about two border patrol vehicles crashing into a residential home this weekend. Last week we published two articles related to the efforts of the United States Border Patrol. While the agencies primary concern is the safety of US citizens, there have been documented reports of abuse and issues with putting the people of McAllen in danger. With an increase in auto accidents related to chases, you may end up in a wreck at no fault of your own. A car accident lawsuit attorney may be needed to help sift through the mess.

The border agents were simply doing their job by trying to track down a potential smuggling operation. However, by chasing the suspects in their border patrol trucks they ended up causing a serious car crash. This time, the vehicles went into a home, and this could have cause fatalities. If you’ve been hurt in a vehicle accident involving government or commercial vehicles such as trash trucks, FedEx or UPS trucks, or grocery store big rigs, call our law firm now.

Suing a Commercial Trucking Company after a crash 

Most car crashes involve two standard vehicles. The party at fault in these types of accidents is typically easy to identity. Unfortunately, when commercial vehicles are involved, placing blame of the true party at fault isn’t as easy. See, when a FedEx or UPS truck driver causes a crash, lawyers get involved quickly. These are large global corporations, and they don’t want to be exposed to a massive injury lawsuit. Suing a commercial trucking company after a crash is an uphill battle. You may need a decorated injury lawyer for this type of case.

Humberto Tijerina is a top rated McAllen Personal Injury Attorney. For over 18 years Mr. Tijerina has taken on many complex cases, including commercial trucking accident injury claims. The Tijerina Legal Group has won millions of dollars for accident victims in McAllen and we service the entire Rio Grande Valley. If you would like to discus your injury case with a Spanish speaking injury lawyer, please call us now at (956) 777-7777 for a free consultation.

McAllen Truck Accident Attorney 

Humberto Tijerina has a perfect 10 out of 10 AVVO rating as a McAllen Truck Accident Attorney. A commercial trucking accident is usually a complex case. See, the company who owns the truck or big rig is usually a large corporation, like a grocery store or shipping firm. These types of businesses have a lot of money, and they don’t want to lose it by paying out a large injury settlement. Sadly, when a big rig or large truck causes a crash the results can be catastrophic. Our law firm rights for your financial rights after an accident of this nature.

The Tijerina Legal Group has represented injury victims throughout McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley for over 18 years. If you, or a loved on, would like to talk about a potential case call us now. Humberto charges no money upfront, and if he doesn’t win your case and get you paid, he doesn’t get paid.

Hire a Car Accident Lawsuit Attorney in McAllen, TX 

If you would like to hire a car accident lawsuit attorney in McAllen, TX you may want to check out reviews first. There’s no such thing as the best injury attorney, but what does matter is finding the best lawyer for you and your family. Filing an injury claim the right way is important. Medical expenses, especially if you require long hospital stays or physical therapy, can climb into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yet, it’s not just medical bills that pile up.

If you’re too hurt to work, and you’re income stops coming in, you may blow through your savings fast. Food, rent, expenses for your children, all of these expenses don’t stop just because you cannot work. Humberto Tijerina is a Personal Injury Attorney in McAllen who cares about his clients. Mr. Tijerina fights hard for an injury victims financial rights. Call now if you would like to receive a free case evaluation.

Calculating a Car Accident Injury Claim Settlement Value

While is is impossible for any attorney to guarantee a specific outcome, an injury attorney may be able to come up with a potential estimate. Calculating a car accident injury volume value isn’t 100% spot on. However, based upon the data, information, and past experience a potential, theoretical estimated value may be something that a lawyer can determine.

Humberto Tijerina has been practicing personal injury law for over 18 years. The Tijerina Legal Group is an award winning Personal Injury Law Firm in McAllen, TX and we help clients all over the Rio Grande Valley. If you’re interested in having our law firm analyze your case, please call us now.

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