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If you’ve stumbled upon this post, chances are, you’ve been involved in an auto collision. One of the most commonly searched terms after an accident is Best McAllen Car Crash Law Firm. It’s not surprising car accident victims search this phrase. After a crash, you may have severe damage to your vehicle along with bodily injuries. Since passengers within a vehicle are traveling at the same speed as the car itself, an impact can cause major whiplash. The jarring of the body, back, and spine can create a perfect environment for head trauma. Injuries after car crashes are no fun and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in hospital visits and physical therapy.

If you have been injured in a car crash in McAllen, TX please call the Tijerina Legal Group today. Not only does are law firm have over a decade of successfully winning injury cases, we have also won millions of dollars for injury victims. Our McAllen Personal Injury Attorneys are bilingual and will even come visit you if you cannot make it to the office. Call today for a free car crash consultation.

Car Crash Injury Reimbursement 

Personal Injury is a very large legal category. There are hundreds of types of injuries, and there are ways that certain injuries need to be litigated in court. One of the most common types of injury claims relates to car accidents. It makes sense, as so many people drive every day. Car Crash Injury Reimbursement, or getting paid back for the money you lose after an injury, isn’t an open and shut case. Insurance agencies have very good lawyers who work for them. Their job is to protect the insurance company from paying claims. This means you might need your own personal injury lawyer to fight for your financial rights.

You might ask why insurance companies fight car crash claims so heavily. Well, according to PMC which is a nationally recognized library of health and medicine, it costs billions of dollars every year to treat head and brain injuries. Car Crashes usually cause head trauma which in turn causes brain and spin injuries. These are very expensive injuries and can cost insurance firms millions of dollars in settlements. Humberto Tijerina is an award winning McAllen Car Accident Attorney. He knows how to fight for our best interests and financial rights.

McAllen Car Crash Attorney

Humberto Tijerina has won numerous awards as a top rated McAllen Car Crash Attorney. From AVVO to The Nations Top 10 Personal Injury Attorney boards he has been recognized as a premier injury lawyer. Handling an injury claim takes dedication, tenacity, and tough litigation skills. Mr. Tijerina fights for your rights after a car crash. It’s important to protect yourself, and your family, after an injury has sidelined you from working. If you would like to speak with Mr. Tijerina, please call our law firm today. We provide a free car crash consultation.


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